Renewable Energy

The world is witnessing ever expanding growth of Solar and Wind Energy. The continuous advancement in the field of Solar Panels and Wind Turbines, reduction in cost of ownership due to increased production and ease of policies at Government levels have mushroomed the growth of Solar Power Plants and Wind Turbine Farms.

Avionics Solution, being a progressive organization, has realized the importance of Renewable Energy market.


The current de-centralization policy of the Government has enabled us to get into the Renewable Energy segment of market, focusing on;

✈ Community level 0.5 to 10 MW Solar Power Plants.

✈ For the regions where wind corridor is available, Hybrid Solar and Wind Power Plants are recommended.

Now the energy can be produced at local level where it is required the most, that is, Housing Schemes, Industrial Areas, Cantonments, etc. The Output of Solar and Wind Plants can directly be connected to grid at existing Power Station, thereby reducing the existing electricity bills to almost half. The un-interrupted power supply during peak summer seasons is the additional bonus.

Two Payment Models are possible;

✈ Turn-Key. In case of Turn-Key, the user has to make payment for the Solar Plant purchase

✈ Power Purchase Agreements (PPA). In case of PPA, the user does not have to pay upfront and only has to pay his monthly bills as per agreed upon unit KWh price. For most of the users, PPA is the preferred mode of payment.

In both the cases, Avionics Solution will be your ONE window solution provider. We are committed to give you complete Solar or Solar/Wind hybrid solution for Community level 0.5 to 10MW Solar Power Plants or Solar / Wind Hybrid Power Plants.

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