About Humsafar IFE

Humsafar is a Reliable, Affordable, Efficient and User-Friendly In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) system designed to bring to you the comforts of your home entertainment in the sky. From High Resolution LCD Monitor displays to High Definition Bluetooth Audio, Humsafar is the best IFE system in the market.

In-flight Entertainment System (IES) refers to the entertainment available to aircraft passengers during a flight. It has become a useful system for all the airlines across the globe to entertain their passengers during long-haul flights.

The Air-frame of a plane has an average life of 50 years, due the fast paced advancement in technology, its electronics gets obsolete within 10 years (mainly IFE system). We specialize in retrofit; we upgrade the currently installed IFE system by replacing the core components mainly Monitors, Servers, Software and Wireless Systems to the latest available, hence renewing the system in lowest cost possible with no compromise on quality. We offer In-Flight Entertainment retrofit and complete solutions for airlines.

Our Solutions are most cost effective in the market with unrivaled performance and quality.


Humsafar offers State-of-the-art Seat Back Monitors with unrivaled latest Hardware Specifications.

We offer a Variety of Monitors ranging from 10.1" to 32"

Our Monitors have build-in fast-charge support, dual audio support, camera support*, Dual-band WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, 10-point touchscreen and much more.

Our Monitors have minimum of 8-core 64-bit processors, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM and high spec GPU for optimum and unparalleled performance.

We also offer custom built monitors for retrofit Purposes.

* optional


We custom design the Server to give best performance for IFE Solution. We offer the best hardware specifications with lowest price in the market.

The server can be fitted into available space and use available interfaces to connect to PSS system for retrofit options.

The Server has USB, SATA, PCI-E, 10 Gbit/s Ethernet, ARINC-429, RS-485/422, RS-232, GPIO, I2C, GSM, Audio In and Out and Discrete Inputs Options.

We offer various options for the specifications of the server, options starts from 8-Core 3.2-GHz Processor, 64 GB DDR4 RAM, 250 GB + 4 TB Solid State Drive (SSD).

Overhead Screens / Wall Mounted Display

We offer different sizes of Overhead Screens (OHS) according to our client's need.

The OHS can display a range of content as per client's requirement. Which includes;

✈ Video Playback

✈ Time Display (World Clock)

✈ Flight Information Display (Route, Map)

✈ 3 D View of the Plane and Globe synced with the current location of the plane.

✈ Live Aircraft External Camera(s)

✈ Advertisement (On client's request)

Wireless Access Point (AP)

In our IFE solution we offer Wireless Access Points to provide internet and Humsafar Software to the Seat Back Monitors, Overhead Screens and Passengers' Own Smart Phones, laptops and tablets

We offer latest technology Wave 2 MU‑MIMO 4x4 Dual‑Radio AP which makes network congestion a thing of a past.

The number of APs installation requirement conforms to the aircraft length and the seating capacity.


We offer custom in-house build software for our clients. The software of the Seat Back Monitors and Overhead Screens can be easily changed and upgraded from the server. Some of the features of the Humsafar software are;

✈ Content Playback (Movies, Music, E-books etc)

✈ Content Information (Rating, Trailer, Description etc)

✈ Time Display (World Clock)

✈ Flight Information Display (Route, Map)

✈ 3 D View of the Plane and Globe synced with the current location of the plane.

✈ Live Aircraft External Camera(s)

✈ Seat Assistance (Attendant-Call Button, Reading-Light Button, Attendant Service Requests (Menu selection, water, any other request etc)

✈ Monitor Control (Volume, Brightness and Screen-Standby)

✈ Shopping (Through the client's store)

✈ Language Selection (Any Language can be added)

✈ Advertisement (On client's request)

The Server software is also custom built for Control, Maintenance and Data Logging

And much more can be added as per client's request.


We offer Rechargeable Bluetooth Remotes* and Headsets* for the business class. These are pre-connected to the Monitors.

We also offer custom built app* for Android and IOS devices, available on the App stores, which can be used to control the Monitors and/or enjoy the Humsafar Library and Internet using WiFi.

* on client's request

Qualification / Certification of the IFE System

All of our IFE solutions (Retrofit and Complete Solution) before reaching the client are;

✈ DO-160G Qualified

✈ STC issued from either EASA or FAA or both *

✈ PMA / FORM’1 Issued for manufacturing

✈Fully Tested in our State-of-the-Art testing facilities with experienced and qualified engineers.

Avionics Solution (Pvt) Ltd. provides extended warranty ** for all the IFE systems it delivers.

* depending on the client's requirement

** warranty time depends on the client, minimum 12 to 24 months